Slack Tips & Tricks Series — Personalized Channel Sections

As an avid Slack user, and someone who never has the heart to leave a channel, my left-hand side bar of channels is a bit of a mess. However, I’m also a person who likes to search, not sort (the old Gmail adage). Check out my inbox, for example: (Trigger warning to inbox zero people!)

Notice that I keep my messages at zero — everything else I can search!

Scoff all you want — I find the Gmail search incredible. So why spend my time trying to get to inbox zero? I have a few rules to set some emails with labels for organization for important stuff, but beyond that, I don’t use my email for a to-do list. My only rule: if it’s not spam, I’ll reply when I get it, or make a to-do list in Notion to reply.

Now Slack I follow a similar pattern. Reply to things important to me as they come in. Or set a reminder to reply later (that’s a really nice feature, old but well thought out). However, I have always wanted the concept of “Labels” or “Folders” in Slack. Especially with using Centro for leads — the app intentionally created labels that would be grouped together, but the side effect of integrating into my internal channels. Centro, of course is used for all external email or SMS communications with anyone outside the workspace that I’m prospecting. It’s natural to want to bucket my channels into external and internal communications.

That’s why I was thrilled when Slack released (for paid workspaces only) the ability to create personalized Sections! Check it out:

Slack Sections — With Centro Leads Demostration

In this first release, I’ve found that an admin can’t create the sections generically for the workspace, there doesn’t appear to be any API access for Apps yet, and you can’t multi-select channels to move to a section yet. They did say on the roadmap soon will be the ability to multi-select, which will be awsome. But they are collapsable, renamable, and pretty darn cool for a first release!

New menu item!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Centro can help you communicate with people outside your workspace who aren’t on Slack yet, check us out here:

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