Centro’s reaction to Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack

  • We take a customer-driven, innovative approach to all of the products we built. We’re proud of the current product’s implementation: speed-to-value (users just connect to Salesforce and Gmail), apps where you choose to work (we have apps for Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail), intuitive interfaces, and our unique approach of associating Slack Channels to Salesforce records.
  • Will Slack and Salesforce build the same integration? Time will tell, but that’s unlikely. There may be components of our existing product that need to plug into the products the teams at Salesforce and Slack build, but we will undoubtedly make that adjustment when required.
  • We think back to our experience with ActionGrid (later sold to Conga and rebranded Conga Grid). ActionGrid set out to solve the problem of static Salesforce List Views. People wanted to update rows of data in Salesforce in one shot, not clicking into multiple records. When we built this product, people often said, “What if Salesforce builds this?”. 6 years later, we’re humbled to see that Conga Grid is still very much viable and thriving, even with Salesforce Lightning adopting some of the features we originally built in 2014!
  • Another example: Apttus was leading the CPQ space when suddenly Salesforce bought rival Steelbrick in 2015 (now Salesforce CPQ). Apttus made a move to support both the Salesforce and Microsoft ecosystems, and over the years, have returned to the Salesforce space, selling enterprise-ready CPQ solutions.
  • We continue to push innovative ways of solving problems. We have been accepted into the OpenAI GPT-3 API beta and are finding fascinating ways of incorporating this powerful technology:
  • Summarizing a Slack channel for the role you play. Have you ever joined a Channel and wondered “how the conversation is relevant to me?”. On entry to a Channel or on-demand, we’re exploring ways to save time on getting up to speed quickly.
  • Summarizing the emotional sentiment of a Slack channel. We think understanding the state of mind of the group discussion is helpful before you jump into it.
  • Quick replies for Slack messages and Emails. Similar to the Gmail smart replies, but we take into account the Slack conversation and Salesforce data.
  • Smart queries. Did you know GPT-3 knows how to craft Salesforce SOQL statements? Imagine asking the Channel literally: “how many opportunities close this quarter with no email or Slack activity?”. These answers are possible, and we’re just scratching the surface of applying this advanced tech to Slack, Salesforce, and email.
Send and view Slack messages in Salesforce with our Lightning Component
Gmail to Slack & Salesforce integration
Collaborating on Emails and SMS messages in Slack



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