Centro’s reaction to Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack

Howdy, all! Since the rumors started last week, I’ve received messages from dozens of people. The messages ranged from highly optimistic (congrats on being acquired!) to inquisitive (what’s the mean for you all?) to speculative (does this mean trouble for your business?).

First, congrats to the Slack and Salesforce team! Deals this big are hard to keep secret, and to me, this move makes a ton of sense from many perspectives. First and foremost: this was the reason we started Centro! When we conceived the idea, we saw something that was quite prevalent: Sales and Support teams were leaving Salesforce to have active conversations about customers in Slack. They were also frequently discussing emails and text message conversations they were having with customers in Slack. After talking to over 90 potential users over the past few months, we knew we were on to something to solve the problem of Slack being decoupled from Salesforce and Email/SMS. Coupled with Slack’s vision of being the Future of Work, we took our deep knowledge of building apps on Salesforce to the Slack ecosystem this year.

Naturally, when this announcement came, it was incredibly validating that our vision was the same as Salesforce’s, to the tune of $27B. It also raised questions in our heads, similar to the messages I received. How will Centro co-exist with this acquisition is the underlying question. A fair question to ask, for sure. Here’s how we think about this change in the landscape:

  • We take a customer-driven, innovative approach to all of the products we built. We’re proud of the current product’s implementation: speed-to-value (users just connect to Salesforce and Gmail), apps where you choose to work (we have apps for Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail), intuitive interfaces, and our unique approach of associating Slack Channels to Salesforce records.

Taking all of this into account, we believe the Salesforce purchase of Slack not only is incredibly validating, but we believe Centro will thrive in this environment no matter what shape it takes in the years to come. We trust ourselves to listen to customer’s problems and create innovative solutions while keeping our eyes on the future of work and adapting where necessary!

In the meantime, check out our Slack, Salesforce, and Gmail solutions!

Slack: Centro App Directory Listing

Salesforce: Centro AppExchange Listing

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Ryan Hitchler is CEO & Co-Founder of Centro

He can be reached at ryan@centro.rocks



Centro enables Sales and Support teams to Learn and React in Salesforce and Slack https://www.centro.rocks/#md

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Centro enables Sales and Support teams to Learn and React in Salesforce and Slack https://www.centro.rocks/#md